Jaisalmer is a former medieval trading centre and princely state in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, set in the heart of The Thar, or Great Indian Desert. India is of course a land of diverse cultures and people, while Rajasthan is its most colourful state. And in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer stands out as one of its major tourist attractions and a cultural hub in South Asia. Jaisalmer is named after Maharawal Jaisal Singh, a Bhati Rajput king who founded the city in 1156 AD. Jaisalmer means "the Hill Fort of Jaisal". Legend goes that he founded the city on the advice of a local Saint named Eesaal. Rawal Jaisal chose Trikuta hill as the new site for his fort as his earlier capital at Luderwa (16 k.m from present Jaisalmer) was too vulnerable to attack.


It is the largest district of Rajasthan and one of the largest in the country. On the west & south-west by the Pakistani border, the length of international border attached to Jaisalmer District is 471 km (293 mi).


Location of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is also known as the "Golden City," owing to the distinct yellow hue of the sandstone that adorns its architecture. The town stands on a ridge of yellow sandstone, and dominating the skyline is Jaisalmer Fort, a sprawling hilltop citadel buttressed by 99 bastions. Behind its massive walls stand the ornate Maharaja's Palace and intricately carved Jain temples. Jaisalmer town has a population of about 78,000. Jaisalmer is close to the India - Pakistan border and the district that takes its name from the town is the largest in Rajasthan, and one of the largest in the country. The length of the International border with Pakistan adjoining Jaisalmer district is 471 km (293 mi).

Longitude: 69.3 to 72.2° East

Latitude: 26.01 to 28.02° North


Distance from Major Cities

  • Jaipur-558 Kilometers
  • Delhi-864 Kilometers
  • Ahmedabad-626 Kilometers
  • Mumbai-1177 Kilometers
  • Jodhpur- 300 Kilometers

Jaisalmer Weather

The weather and climate of the Jaisalmer is Arid in nature typical of any Desert region. Summers are hot but winters are relatively very pleasant.


Jaisalmer is very hot in the summers months, from mid-March to August. The daytime temperature remains very high and usually hover above 42°C. Nights are relatively cooler, typical of arid desert climate and the temperature comes down to 25 °C.


Winters in Jaisalmer are a lot cooler with day temperature remaining around a pleasant 24°C. While nights can get chilly with temperature going as low as 7°C. The winter lasts from mid-November and continues till end of February.


Since Jaisalmer is situated in the Great Thar Desert, monsoon is negligible. The average is 15 centimetres of annual rainfall, and Jaisalmer remains dry for most parts of the year.